Le Favolose – IDFA 2022

Le-favolose al Napoli Queer Festival
11 Marzo 2022

IDFA 2022
International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam

Le Favolose
di Roberta Torre

“Between dream and madness we have always preferred the show.” A group of trans women who call themselves Le Favolose (“The Fabulous Ones”) reunite after 20 years at the house where they once lived their fabulous lives—beyond its walls they experienced only rejection. The reason for getting together now is a recently discovered letter from their deceased friend Antonia, whose family robbed her of her true identity by burying her in men’s clothes. Emotions are running high—with moments of joy, poignancy and conflict—but they still find a remarkable way of fulfilling Antonia’s wishes.

Le Favolose play themselves in this combination of reenactment, documentary and fantasy based on actual events. Antonia is not the only person this has happened to, and the reenacted reunion is interspersed with scenes in which the women confide their personal memories to the camera. These children of the sexual revolution broke taboos, but there was a high price to pay for freedom. “My body is a political act,” says one of them. This film is a tribute filled with color, dance and wonderful women.